What is Winners Den?

Winners Den is an education app to competitive exam preparers. Winners Den as knowledge based app delivers complete preparatory guidance and subject based learning format for students appearing in competitive exams such as IIT, JEE, NEET, EAMCET, etc.

Is Winners Den a free platform?

Yes, Winners Den remains free for browsing and for managing account only. Preparation for any competitive exam can be conducted by prebuilt courses on subscription base. Winners Den offers various courses as IIT, JEE, NEET, EAMCET, CAT, etc. on subscription based models.

Is Winners Den subscription valid for single course or on all courses?

Subscription models are based on single course or multi-course selections. For example, if a candidate is interested in IIT course then he could subscribe for a IIT preparation course. This active subscription enables the user to have complete access on IIT exam materials and tests. Once activated subscription for one course will not provide access to another course. If the candidate is interested to purse another course as well then he has to take new subscription for that course too. For more information on subscription prices kindly contact the marketing team of Winners Den.

How to register on Winners Den?

Customer can register on Winners Den using sign up page with credentials of Email and mobile number. On input of Email ID, mobile number and desired Password in sign up page would generate access to account services on Winners Den after an OTP confirmation on mobile.

Can a user use his friends account credentials to access a course?

No, Winners Den has supported the customers to bring the competitive exam models in lower price format. Huge efforts are been invested to develop these courses for better preparation of candidates. Subscriptions pay the efforts of Winners Den. Un-authorized usage of user id and password shall be alerted on basis of device IP’s. If a single user credentials are observed on different devices, this would prompt the Winners Den team to block the accounts access until a clear reason is found or else the subscription will be closed without any claim.

Can a user get price reduction on multi-course subscriptions?

Yes, if a user is interested to pursue different courses then he can have subscriptions based on multi-course selections. We can support you to lower price on courses, if you are interested to take 2or more courses for your preparations. These credentials are meant for single user id in a single device.

Being a subscribed user, can I get access to special interactive classes from reputed professors?

This depends on your subscription model. If you are subscribed for regular course on Winners Den then you would not have access to these interactive classes. If you are a premium user then you would be provided access to special features like interactive classes and live video lectures based on courses. For more information on subscription models, kindly contact Marketing team of Winners Den.

Are advertisement spaces available for Institutes to promote on Winners Den?

Yes, advertisement areas are available on Winners Den for Institute promotions. We have few selected premium advertisement spaces based on location in app and as popup advertisements. Please kindly contact our Marketing team for detailed information on the advertisements.